Personal Injury Lawyer California

The law office of Twin Lawyers is located in San Mateo, California south of the San Francisco Airport and the firm practices personal injury law in addition to other areas of civil law with each founding partner having more than twenty five years of individual experience. Admitted to the California Bar in 1970, twins P. […]

The False Claims Act Fraudulent Billing

During the Civil War, the Union army received inadequate supplies by dishonest tradesmen. Frequently they received sick horses, dead ammunition, and rotten rations. It is believed that this type of trickery was the motivating force behind the creation of the False Claim Act, or the FCA. Under the FCA, a non-government affiliated entity can sue […]

7 Tips for Choosing a Good Family Lawyer

A person, who intends to choose a family lawyer, must be careful especially because many things, such as personal properties and even life, may depend on this professional. A mediocre professional will not be able to help an individual to win a lawsuit, which indirectly means that the person in cause might lose a lot. […]

Child Support Lawyer Redlands

At the Redlands, California, divorce and family law practice of attorney Twin Lawyers, LLP , it is my mission to provide my clients with both the knowledge and the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the process of finding a legal resolution to their family law concern. In California, child support is decided based upon very […]