Personal Injury Lawyer California

The law office of Anderlini and Emerick is located in San Mateo, California south of the San Francisco Airport and the firm practices personal injury law in addition to other areas of civil law with each founding partner having more than twenty five years of individual experience.

Admitted to the California Bar in 1970, partner P. Terry Anderlini devotes seventy percent of his practice to litigation and ten percent to vehicle dealerships, business formations, and wills and trusts. Mr. Anderlini is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell, a peer review rating system, and was past president of the San Mateo Trial Lawyers Association. He is also a current member of the Consumer Attorneys of California and the American Bar Association.

Merrill G. Emerick, a member and past president of the San Mateo County Trial Lawyers Association, was admitted to the Oregon Bar in 1972 and the California Bar in 1985 and devotes seventy percent of his practice to litigation with the rest comprised of civil appeals and business transactions. Mr. Emerick is also a member of the Consumer Attorneys of California and the American Bar Association.

Along with managing partners Anderlini and Emerick who have been named two of northern California’s Super Lawyers, also on staff at the firm are Robert M. Desky and Patrick McGovern. Desky, who was admitted to the California Bar in 1952, devotes twenty five percent of his practice to litigation and specializes in real property, litigation, corporate, and business transactions while McGovern was admitted to the Bar in 1984 and practices in areas including internet and e-commerce law, arbitration and mediation, as well as real estate, construction accidents, and intellectual property.

The areas of personal injury practice handled by Anderlini and Emerick include:
– Automobile accidents
– Bicycle accidents
– Brain injuries
– Elder abuse
– Motorcycle accidents
– Pedestrian accidents
– Premise liability suits
– Public transportation accidents
– Truck accidents
– Wrongful death suits

Anderlini and Emerick have represented clients filing all types of personal injury claims, large and small. With fatal accidents, the firm represents the surviving family members of the victim in order to recover ample compensation for their loss.

In addition to all facets of personal injury law, Anderlini and Emerick are also experienced in matters of arbitration and appeals, real estate law, estate planning and litigation, business and employment law, elder law, and medical malpractice law. In terms of medical malpractice, the firm is experienced with cases involving anesthesia mistakes, injuries sustained during the birthing process, failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis, and also pharmaceutical and surgical errors.

Anderlini and Emerick operate their law office on a contingency basis and collect no fees from clients unless they are successful in recovering damages.


The False Claims Act Fraudulent Billing

During the Civil War, the Union army received inadequate supplies by dishonest tradesmen. Frequently they received sick horses, dead ammunition, and rotten rations. It is believed that this type of trickery was the motivating force behind the creation of the False Claim Act, or the FCA. Under the FCA, a non-government affiliated entity can sue a federal contractor for making fraudulent claims. Filing this type of suit is frequently referred to as “whistleblowing.”

If you have suffered retaliation because of whistleblowing, or exposing fraud, you may be eligible to pursue compensation. Contact the San Antonio employment lawyers of Melton & Kumler, LLP to discuss the details of your case. Call 800-681-6932 today to schedule a free case evaluation.Fraudulent Billing
In the 21st century, the False Claims Act mostly pertains to government programs that receive federal funding. Most commonly, false claims are filed in the realms of health care, military contracts, and education programs.

If a government program reports that it is spending more money than it really is, this deception is referred to as a “false claim.” Generally, the leftover money is spent on non-work related items.Blowing the Whistle
In order for a company or contractor to be caught in the act of money laundering, an insider must inform another person, who can then pursue legal action against the fraudulent company. Once a lawsuit is filed, federal officials will begin a thorough investigation of the program’s documented spending. If fraud is found, the person who filed the claim may be able to receive up to 25% of the damages.Contact Us

If you are aware of fraud, or if you have been the victim of retaliation, contact the San Antonio employment lawyers of Melton & Kumler, LLP to discuss your legal options. Call 800-681-6932 today to speak with an experienced attorney about your case.

7 Tips for Choosing a Good Family Lawyer

A person, who intends to choose a family lawyer, must be careful especially because many things, such as personal properties and even life, may depend on this professional. A mediocre professional will not be able to help an individual to win a lawsuit, which indirectly means that the person in cause might lose a lot.

In case that you have to find a good family lawyer any time soon, the best thing that you can do is to take your time to do this thing properly.

These days, finding an attorney, who can defend you or your family when needed, is quite difficult especially because there are many unprofessional lawyers. Some of them are quite new in this field while others do not have the necessary expertise and experience to win a lawsuit.

Therefore, prior to approaching a family attorney, you should pay attention to the professionalism of the lawyer. In order to help you to choose a good family lawyer, the following paragraphs reveal seven important tips on finding a suitable attorney for you.

1. Building a List. Prior to approaching a particular lawyer, you should build a list with the lawyers who are recommended by your friends and relatives. As well, you can put on the same list the names of the lawyers that you have used before. After you have a complete list, you should check the experience and expertise of every single lawyer and approach those professionals who have won numerous lawsuits. It is also important to verify how many lawsuits are pending and, if you have the time, it would be a good idea to assist in a pleading. Additionally, you should know that choosing a lawyer who has numerous lawsuits is not a great idea especially because he or she might not have time to take proper care of your case.

2. Check the Certificate. In some states, the family lawyers are able to obtain a specific certificate in the family law. Therefore, if you want to make sure that a lawyer is specialized in a specific area of the law, you must verify whether he or she presents the right certificate or not. In most cases, a certified lawyer passes through a series of tests, thing that actually means that this professional is really well trained. Additionally, the certified lawyers receive regular training, continuing their education within the family law. In case that you wish to hire such a lawyer, you must be prepared to cover significant fees but your chances to win the lawsuit are definitely very high.

3. Specialty Area. A family lawyer must be specialized in all the areas that relate to family law. Only this way, he or she can really handle your case with professionalism. Additionally, you should know that some lawyers interact with their clients often, explaining every single aspect of a lawsuit, while others only maintain a minimal contact. Obviously, the best attorneys are those who belong to the first category.

4. Explaining the Terms. It is very important to have a lawyer who uses layman terms to explain the implications of your lawsuit. In most cases, the lawyers are tempted to speak in legalese terms in order to make a good professional impression. However, most people do not comprehend any of these terms. This thing actually means that understanding different aspects with regard to their lawsuits is quite difficult.

5. Sensitivity. This is a very important characteristic that a lawyer should present. Regardless whether your lawyer is a man or a woman, he or she must be sensitive especially to the needs of your children. A lawyer, who really cares about your family, will help you to take the best decisions while fighting for your legal rights.

6. Find Out Essential Details. It is important to find out a few details about a lawyer prior to hiring him or her. This thing is essential especially because your lawyer should be a truly great professional, admired by judges. If you are going to choose such a lawyer for your case, you will get some truly great benefits.

7. Trust. Regardless of the professional you hire as your lawyer, you should be able to trust him or her. This is because your lawyer will not only handle your personal data but also will find out everything about you. Therefore, choosing a trustworthy lawyer is very important in order to feel safe.
By considering the aforementioned points, you will be able to find a truly good family lawyer, who is going to help you to win the lawsuit and bring justice into your life.

Child Support Lawyer Redlands

At the Redlands, California, divorce and family law practice of attorney Lenita Skoretz, it is my mission to provide my clients with both the knowledge and the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the process of finding a legal resolution to their family law concern.

In California, child support is decided based upon very specific statutory child support formula that takes into account the income of both parents as well as the time each parent is in custody of the child. A child support order can be modified if family situations substantially change. Spousal support is far more complex. A spousal support (“alimony”) agreement will need to be made either by the couple themselves or by a family law judge in divorce court.

Collaborative Law

I assist my clients with the full range of divorce-related legal actions, including alimony agreements. When appropriate-when couples are cooperative and demonstrate a desire to work together-I encourage my clients to use collaborative law divorce or the mediation process to achieve their goals with greater speed, more privacy, and far fewer bad feelings.

Contact me if you and your partner are considering a cooperative divorce.
Litigation for Spousal Support

There are two primarily questions involved in a support decision: how much income is there, and how much support should be given to the spouse with the smaller income.

It can be just as complicated to determine income as it is to divide marital assets, especially when a spouse is a business owner, is self-employed, has multiple employers, or has other sources of income. It may require the help of a tenacious and experienced attorney and the expertise of a forensic accountant to reach a fair calculation.

Did you help put your spouse through law school, medical school, or some other graduate degree program before they asked for a divorce? We may need to hire a career counselor to advise the court on your spouse’s income potential and how that should relate to your support payments.

The court will also have to determine the amount of support needed for the lower-income or no-income partner to get on their feet. As a general rule, the court will order support for the lower-wage-earning spouse for half the length of time of the marriage. The court will expect that each party will become self-supporting in time.

We will examine the costs associated with helping the low-wage earner to become self-supporting, including the possibility of school or other professional training. Sometimes more support early on to improve the employability and self-sufficiency of the low-wage-earning spouse can reduce spousal and child support payments later.

Contact the law office of Lenita Skoretz, a spousal and child support lawyer, for an aggressive investigation of income and marital assets and a just division of property in your divorce case.

Attorney Lenita Skoretz provides legal counsel to individuals and families in Redlands and Riverside counties in California, including the cities of Redlands, San Bernardino, Yucaipa, Fontana, Loma Linda, and Riverside.